Texas Throwdown Tour

Type: Ticket

Join us for an exhilarating experience at the Espresso State of Mind Texas Throwdown Tour, featuring a Latte Art Throwdown in both San Antonio and Houston! This event promises to be a thrilling competition, bringing together 64 talented baristas in each location, all vying for the chance to win a flight and a 3-night stay at Coffee Fest New Orleans.


 Event 1 - San Antonio: Revolucion Coffee + Juice, 7959 Broadway #500 San Antonio, Texas 

 Event 2 - Houston: Black Smith Cafe, 1018 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas

- **Competition Highlights:**

  - Latte Art Throwdown: Witness the creativity and skill of 64 baristas in each event as they showcase their latte art expertise.

  - Exciting Prizes: The stakes are high! Winners will earn the incredible opportunity to fly to Coffee Fest New Orleans and enjoy a 3-night stay.